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First of all, I do not doubt most of what you say to be true, i really enjoy when someone tries to prove me wrong, especially when they back it up with credable sources like you have done here

*i am wrong from time to time, i know it does happen

I would like to make this ammendment to my statment about prefetch:
My prefeth is on, it is my automatic prefetch which is turned off, there is little time for my computer to do updates except during defrags, so i do this myself. Also the programs within my prefetch do not change and would not change even if i had this active. It is only because i have tested many different methods of running prefetch that i have chosen to do this, as well as it complements the other modifications i have made to my windows/registry.
*It is not reccomended for the average user at all.

Prefetching has nothing to do with Searching. Stop guessing and read how this works. Cleaning the folder does nothing but SLOW DOWN your system. There is absolutely no performance improvement EVER
Yes, cleaning the folders on a regular basis will slow your system down I absolutely agree, but there is nothing wrong with a little 'Spring' cleaning now and again to remove the programs which no longer exist on your system, which XP somehow leaves lying around.

Personally i couldn't write a better OS than Windows so i don't trash it as much as i would like, but there are problems and memory leaks, i just like to take care of them in my own way, this is not usually included.
*Last time i touched my prefetch August 2005.

Just a couple honest questions:
is it that you really don't like people messing with the defaults of XP?
Have you ever tried any of these supposed speed boosters?
*Most are hoaxes, some really do "work" depending on what your main use of your computer is.


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