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Default BIOS reading 200Gb as 137Gb


This problem is usually down to old BIOS being installed which can only handle upto 136.7GB, I believe that if you update your BIOS you're problem will be solved.


I forgot to say that you will never get the full 200GB being shown, its complicated but due to how the drives are constructed they are never what they say i.e 200GB is probably about 198GB, 200GB is just a rounded off figure, the bigger the drive the bigger the size of the discrepancy.Its very complicated as I say & is connected to the manufacturing of the drives, sectors etc, in the days of small drives 40GB it was hardly noticible, but as drives are getting bigger & bigger the maths involved are also getting bigger.

Hope you can grasp this as the article I read some time ago was very extensive & unfortunately I have since lost it.

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