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Originally Posted by raja75
dear sir,

i have an asemble machine with mercury motherboard, intel p III 850 Mhz, and 256 mb of ram. my problem is my ram memory is shown 192 mb instead of 25 mb. i change the slote but problem remains. then i test individual ram, and one of them shows 64 mb instead of 128 mb. what should i do to fix this problem?
thanking you
Raja, try to find your motherboard manual as sometimes in a lot of boards it depends on single or double sided ram and which slots they go into,also check BIOS for total RAM ,If this says 2oo-256 then windows is not recognising 1 stick fully.check that they both have the ESPD chip on the top ,if 1 hasn't this can cause conflict.A good site for links and info is
Cheers, ragzeeboy

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