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I have that precise issue that happened before, and I chose Slackware 10.2

I had originally got a computer with Windows XP Service Pack 2 Home Edition (WinXPSP2, I think, or the technical title I think is something like xpsp2-client.2600.1050200-0041(I do not know this)). Anyway, when I put Slackware 10.2 on (after using DriveImage to partition my computer), I was able to use Windows and Linux and if I was in Linux, I could see everything on the Windows part! Anyway, that is my recommendation.

I would strongly recommend Slackware 10.2, as well as verifying the information if you get it off of the Internet. I believe that from the sites that carry it, it has a place where you can get all four discs (ISO images are what I am referring to; two are for installation, two for source), and it also has an idea as to setting up the system.

I hope this helps.

Oh, and I think that with Slackware, if you are typing something that Windows is going to read, I believe that there is a 2.6.13 kernel that can be set up and allows for reading and writing to the Windows part (as opposed to reading only under 2.4.31 kernel, the default kernel after setting it up)

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