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Default Re: 7800 GTX vmod - memory died?

Sorry for the second post, I just tried to edit, but I couldn't.
I didn't find the entire guide, but I made it by the pictures, I've posted
I think I did the solvering correctly. I think the problem was, that I had

regular potentiometer instead of helical potentiometer, so when I turned it a

little bit, something got a lot of voltages.
Now, I try to find out, what was the part, which got this high voltage - it

colud be some voltage-regulator, because the card started up 2-3 times, but

the voltage of the memory fluctuated, and later it disappeard.
I cannot make screenshots, because the vga don't work at all. Also I cannot

post any pictures from my card, because I dont have a digital camera.

I solvered a 100kOhm potentiometer as it showed in the picture.

One clip to the left side of the c569 smd, the other clip to the zinc dot at

the Q515 mark.

I also solvered an other potentiometer for the gpu voltmod by the next


The only difference is, I used a regular potentiometer instead of a helical

one, just like above - but it isn't count, I had no chance to adjust the

voltage of the gpu, because I killed my card with the other potentiometer

before I could do this.

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