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Default Favorite Spyware stopper?

I swore by adaware for a long time, and still use it ocassionally. However it seems to not be as robust and all-encompassing as it used to be. I eventually got turned on to Hijack This! and that has been very useful in the last year. It is not very user friendly, but it is able to prevent a lot of different issues because it really works on a core level with the basic parameters of the operating system.

My question is what other good virus/spyware scanners programs are you currently using to protect your systems? My interest in the subject waxes and wanes. Tends to pick up when I end up infected, and fortunately I have not had an issue for the last year plus. Can probably give a lot of that credit to adwatch, which is an adaware program that runs in the background and prevents registry changes. I think that has helped me out a lot.

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