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Default Graphics Card Trouble

I have had a ati 9500 series graphics card on my pc for about a year now... When i turn the pc on you can barely make out anything on the screen, it looks kind of like confetti... Thought it might be the monitor, but tried switching them out... Still have the problem.. Then thought it might be the power strip... Changed that out, still have the same problem... Then moved the pc to another room in the house, same problem... The card would work right one day and then the next it would be messed up again... Now it is always like confetti... Could it be that the graphics card has gone out...? Or something as simple as dust... I did take the card out and blew some of the dust off, then put it back in.... Same problem....
If I need to get a new graphics card what would be a good equivalent to the card that I have now? Trying to stay below $150, however...
Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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