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good call javaster,
Some info on Virtual Memory:
If you wish to select your amount of virtual memory manually, you -most liekly- can handle up to 4GB of memory total, so subtract whatever you have listed under physical memory and the difference is the maximum (for a 32-bit processor) that your system can easily access.
Virtual memory is not a replacement for physical memory, but rather a place where your OS swaps information that is most used and memory for current applicaitons, as the physical memory is much faster than your hard disk.
Ex: you are running a browser and a word processor, then start playing a game... if the game requires most of your phyiscal memory to run efficiently Windows will place the memory used by your other applications into the virtual memory, to better aquip the program which is making the most memory requests. If you were to switch to another task (leaving the game open) if you do not have a massive amount of memory, you may notice the screen pause or display blank for a moment or two. This occurs while the OS is transfering the requested data from virtual back into physical.
It is not a perfect science, but without getting too technical, algorithms based on calls and sets of cahces they do a decent job.

Possibly Causes:
*Also since this is a new occurance, it is possble you have some spyware or virus running in the background using memory that you are not aware of or perhaps you have installed a new program which has a serious memory leak eating up your memory even after the program has been closed.

*If you don't care about all this, and just wish to remove the balloon.. a much as i deter you from doing this you can save the following code as removeballoons.reg run the file and click yes.. this and all other balloon tips are history:

Hope this helped


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