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Question PC Fan constantly ruunning hard,USB issues

Hi this is for windows xp home edition ,my cpu fan is running hard and it isnt makeiing any klanking or squealing noise just like it is on high gear speed and it never shuts off never.i was looking and looking around and i dont know if this has anything to do with it but the power options are set to never hybernate never turn monitor off etc.and something about a UPS service .. i found it didnt know if maybe this had something to do with it because never one time has that fan not ran real hard or got real quit ever my also different question here same computer I normally have to turn it off for reasons known and everytime i go to restart it it dont detect the keyboard or plug in mouse so i have to normally restart it like 3 or 4 or more time to get it to aknowledge it i finally got a cordless mouse and keyboard for it that works fine but those ports are messed up and sometimes i get a microsoft message says that my computer has shut down abruptly to recover or it has just recoverd from a serious error and i got a usb one to that made a lil since they wanted me to turn off the power management thing in advanced under the usb controller dropdown to the usb off so that it would never power down i did that but then well with the way old speedy gonzales is running over here i best not do that so i turned it back on I dont know if this is description enough for these issues I sure hope so and maybe just maybe someone can help

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