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Default "finding Windows password"

Who put the password in there in the first place?

Go to google and enter "finding Windows password" in the search field ...or... "password finder" ...something like that. Go from there.

I keep a "Library" on c:\ in which I found some advice I found from another source:

"OK, since two people PM'd me about this, here is how i fixed my system

After trying the method using the MS knowledge base article (didnt realise my XP was an OEM version) i couldnt log into the recovery console. Also when restarting safemode, or any part of XP, the system told me Lsass had a bad value, and reebooted.

The laptop is running NTFS, which means that i couldnt run DOS to move/edit the broken registry hives.

After trying everytihng, including using a password changing utility to alter the administrator password, i still couldnt access the repair mode of windows setup.


I found a program, which is a bootable cd that has all sorts of useful tools on it. There is a password modifier included. I used this password program to deactivate Syskey.exe, which is a very important security feature of windows. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Read this first :

After deactivating syskey and reebooting, since syskey is deactive, windows will load into safe mode, and you can continue the other steps in the original knowledge base articles, including moving restore files, and running the repair function of windows setup to complete the operation.

This technique worked for me, and allowed me access to windows and restore the registry from a system restore point.

It is important that when you have everything sorted, you MUST restart syskey.exe (details on MS website)

If there is an easier (and safer) way to solve this problem, i would like to know it. confused1.gif

Make sure no-one get access to your pc whilst syskey is deactivated, so disconnect any network access."

Hope this fellow's suggestion helps.

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