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hi pb9003,

i suggest we check first for a possible defective ram -- it might be causing the BSOD.

download 'ultimate boot cd'. it contains diagnostic tools for checking pc hardware.

download ultimate boot cd here (choose the ISO version, then choose the download source which is closest to your location). burn the iso file to a cd.

one part of the ultimate boot cd that you should run is the ram diagnostic.

if your laptop has two ram sticks, temporarily remove the second stick, and test only with the first stick.

in the main menu of ultimate boot cd, choose Memory, then run Memtest86+. the test should go on an infinite loop, but there is an indicator on how many "Passes" it has done. 1 Pass is a complete series of ram tests. Allow Memtest86+ to continue running until you reach Pass 5. This means your ram has been tested with the 5 complete cycles.

if an error happens before Pass 5, then it could mean that the ram stick is defective. reboot and check again, if the error is persitent, then we can conclude that its a defective ram.

check the second ram stick.

at the office, we've been using Memtest86+ to check for ram problems. our thinkpad/lenovo hardware vendor recognizes our use of Memtest86+. if ever we encounter errors on memtest before pass 5, they take the ram for warranty.


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