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Default Video card dieing?! lines across screen

Hello everyone,

I have just recently noticed faint white lines running horizontally across my monitor. It appears in both 2d and 3d mode, or at least while a 3d screensaver is running - I don't play games. My monitor is a viewsonic 19" crt. It has been running at it's current resolution/refresh rate: 1280x1024/60 Hertz for years without problem. I have an Abit nf-m2 nview mobo, but am not using the onboard video, I have an ATI x1300 pcie card - which appears to be running fine. Unfortunately I have to run legacy drivers for it, since it's so old: Catalyst 8.2. I have found, running Windows 7 32bit, the 8.2 drivers are very stable. My fan on the video card runs fine, and all temps are at or below normal ranges.

A screenshot wouldn't work, and my camera cannot seem to capture the lines in good enough detail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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