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hi gullycan

sorry that computer is becoming such a pain.

restoring it to factory defaults is indeed one quick fix -- it should turn everything back to 100% woking condition ((if it doesnt, then something is definitely wrong with the hardware)).

my suggestion for steps that you should take if you will take it back to factory defaults:
1. backup files to dvds or external hard drive (do not backup on the same hard drive/different partition)

2. download the latest installer of your trusted antivirus program and place it on a usb drive.

2.1 do not connect the laptop to a wired or wireless connection. start system restore while the laptop is disconnected from the wired and wireless network
2.2 start system restore
2.3 test if sound works as soon as system restore is compeleted.

3. the antivirus that comes with the system restore image is outdated. uninstall the antivirus, install your most recent installer for your trusted antivirus program.

check that the windows firewall is turned on (it should be turned on)

4. plug the computer to the internet, do a windows update, keep doing a windows update until you have all the windows updates.

5. then do an antivirus update.

6. start installing your programs.

7. copy your files.

**doing teamviewer might help with the other problems. but the sound issue will not be as easy to troubleshoot. i think its really going to be best if you just restore from the factory defaults. i know its a pain to backup and reinstall again. but this will definitely ensure that things are back to the guaranteed working state. if sound or any other peripheral device does not work, then its most likely a hardware problem

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