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Browser Msnexplorer XP Pro x64 / Win7 dual question

WOOT ! First post!

OK, I've been reading up on the posts regarding dual boot issues, etc. I can't seem to find a lot (if any) posts here regarding XP x64 bit version. I'm interested in Win 7 that is coming out and wanted to try this by setting up a Dual boot system - the main partition on the drive is XP x64, and the other partition will be Win 7 x64. (I am using XP x64 and not Vista because of software that I use which runs more stable under this platform.)

If I do this, is it safe to assume that similar issues will have to be addressed in making this install happen?

Here's my configuration - custom built, btw:

AMD Phenom X4 9600 quad core @ 2.31 mHz
8 GB Patriot DDR2 1066 memory Dual channel - unganged
(reading as 800 due to processor limits-grrrr)
Gigabyte GA-MA-790 FX-DS5 motherboard (F6 bios)
Asus ATI HD 3870 PCI-Express video w/ 1GB ram (crossfire capable)
HanssG 28" HDMI LCD + BenQ 22" LCD
750w PS
Disk 0: C: 500 GB / 75% free - OS drive
Disk 1: D: 200 GB / 30% free - Data drive
Disk 2: F: 250GB / 32% free - Data drive
Disk 3: E: 1 TB / 98% free - Data drive - external eSATA MyBook
CD 1: DVD/RW-Asus-Lightscribe - SATA
CD 2: DVD/RW-Pioneer - PATA

Thoughts? Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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