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Default Can a mobo have multiple BIOS?

Hello, the last night i was looking inside the mobo of my old NCR machine and i have seen an empty square brown socket like a BIOS socket but my computer has a BIOS installed on-board . Why i think that the machine has two BIOS? that is because a man that has 5 machines like mine wants to make a experiment in a university and he said that the BIOS of that machines was removed and he needs a copy of the BIOS software, so i have looked inside the mobo to see what type of BIOS chip he needs and i have seen no BIOS chip with the exception of that empty square brown Socket like the one in this picture.

The on-board BIOS is very limited, it can't detect and boot CD-ROMs and doens't have other functions like modern BIOSes (the machine is from the year 2000). I am thinking that the NCR machine has a basic BIOS and a posibility to put a more advanced BIOS in that empty socket that disables the other BIOS. Can be this posible?

The machine has a writing in the front that says "NCR model 3501" and a Phoenix on-board BIOS

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