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We connected the video camera to the MovieBoard PCI card through a USB plug and the target USB disk to a USB plug directly on the MB. Same thing with target USB disk. After a long wait, the Pinnacle Studio test accepted the transfer to the USB disk at a low rate. Tens of thousands of frames were dropped during the transfer on a 35-minute video and the result was disastrous.

We suspect that we have a USB 1.1 environment : we're using a P4/1.7 Ghz on a Gigabyte 8TX motherboard. It's not easy to tell whether it's 2.0 or 1.1 USB either from Everest or from the Control Panel.

The MB specs indicate: 2 integrated USB ports + 2 additional USB ports. If it doesn't specifically say 2.0, does this imply 1.1?

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