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Default spools

Originally Posted by mhookem View Post
Ok, you should get the option of repairing a windows installation by pressing 'R' as it is loaded from the CD.

Try again and if it doesn't show it I want you to post exactly what it's telling you on the screen when the CD has finished loading.

I haven't received your email, check the notes next time you click on the MSN symbol.

Alternatively, you can start your PC as normal and go to Start>My Computer>Right-click your hard drive and go to Properties>Tools>Check disk for errors.

When you have chosen the disk check, you will get a small window explaining that in order for the disk check to be carried out it will have to be done the next time your computer starts, click 'Yes'.

Have you carried out a full scan for viruses and spyware?


>>>> sir i've try this solution,, still its wasn't able to fix my spools,,, what to do then?

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