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Originally Posted by b1caez01 View Post
Any mouse experts out there?
My MS optical wheel mouse has developed the shakes when I go to open a file and scan the right click menu sort of stutters, shakes and stalls momentarily.

But when I open anything else it works fine.

No other anomalies.

I have not been successful in finding any related articles on the net.

Edit: update

Downloaded and installed a new updated driver and problem appears to be resolved.

Glad you got it fixed!

1) Most creeping or jerky mouse movements are caused by a piece of lint or hair stuck between the optical lens and the mirror. Make sure it is cleaned by blowing forced CANNED air into the opening where the light shines from. Do not use tweezers or swabs as the mirror is easily scratched.

2) Some optical mice have a built in power down application that is built into the mouse chip. This power down option sticks or corrupts itself so that it is alternating at a very high speed, (too fast for the human eye) this powering up and powering down creates a creaping pointer. On difference surfaces it has different effects...some movements are more pronounced than others.

Reseting the driver or various mouse options will sometimes perform a temporary fix, but sooner or later..once it begins it will continue to happen as it is a faulty chipset in the mouse.

control panel > mouse > 'Pointer Options' tab......
in motion box ;either select or deselect the "Enhanced pointer precision box.... Just changing this control option will reset the propper mouse reading functions. and stop the creeping. If not then change the drivers out..Still no a new mouse!

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