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Originally Posted by Leadow View Post
Hi all,

I invested in a wireless optical mouse 2.4G Wireless 5 key but my puter will not recognise it? Its brand name is PROSTATtm and the model for the mouse is MOUSE-PWM2.4G

Any help would greatly be appreciated. I had the same trouble with an acer mouse which was also brand new. Therefore I dont think its the mouse more likely my puter.

Vista ... sad but true yes Vista...


Googleing for that mouse model only shows one hit, this post here at SysChat.

I have to ask the obvious, has it got fresh batteries in it?

Have you installed the Vista drivers for it?

You would be better off using a Logitech and / or a Microsoft optical mouse as they are fully supported by Microsoft operating systems. You can then install the software to further customize the various buttons etc...


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