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Originally Posted by rvinmel View Post
Hello my name is Roger. My boss gave me a computer to work with. Verison connected the pc and I was online. I decided to uninstall hotmail messanger and when the pc booted up the screen turned blue and I can not get online.
I can't beleive I did so much damage by uninstalling the Messanger.
Thank you so much
Your double posting the same question here.

Originally Posted by rvinmel View Post
I was online with my computer and I decided to uninstall hotmail messanger. after I uninstalled the messanger the computer would not go online.The screen is now blue and it will not boot up.
Thank you
You need to get the Blue Screen error message before we can help you.

You can get that by doing this:

Right mouse click on the My Desktop icon, select Properties / Advanced / Startup and Recovery / Settings / System Failure untick Automatically restart...

Then post it back here and we can help you...


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