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Default Misguided Eloquence

I am ashamed of anyone who puts down others for their lack of expertise, confusion or ignorance. I am equally ashamed of those who would not look in a mirror and put themselves in another's place. And, finally, I am very disappointed in those who, if they do not have something positive to say, say nothing.

Not one "responder" took the time to actually READ my posts. Off you went on your silver stallions of audaciousness to spear the lowly "troll" as he asked for thoughtful, gentlemanly and useful assistance.

Syschat should not be a site where one comes to be berrated by ignorant oafs. I have quite enjoyed my visits till now. But these two bullies totally ruined my day. And I suppose they are happy about that. "Boy did we put him in his place."

Sorry, fellows, none of you read the question PROPERLY nor responded ADEQUATELY. Poor teachers, both of you.

My situation has nothing to do with the norm...that is where your ignorance glares through. NO, for what ever reason my OEM disk will not allow me to do what I want to do...thus I have had to opt for 3rd party you so eloquently suggested.

"lurkswithin...Every harddrive and CD DVD has an an 8mb unalotted space..." this is the only useful info given. You should have stopped there.

I am not sure how the following, qualifies you to divine what my system can or cannot do:

"I don't know where you are getting your installation CDs from BUD [A PUT DOWN] but they must not be kosher or you just pretend to know what you are doing and need to finish your schooling or something [ANOTHER PUT DOWN]. The formating and partitioning tool used in the installation of windows has been working fine on every CD that I have ever used and that has been a couple of thousand English versions and a few hundred foreign language ones as well as I have quite a few military personel as clients." And this makes you clairvoyant does it?

"You don't use a screwdriver to remove a bolt...If you have some other objective to what something is designed for...then my suggestion is to find another tool that will do that job for you [AND THIS IS WHAT I DID] and quit trying to force something else to go against what it was designed for [AND THIS IS WHAT I DID NOT DO]. If you wish to alter something then have at it but don't come crying back here because you fail to get it to do something it was not designed for!" AT NO TIME DID I REFER TO ALTERING ANYTHING. You really must work on your comprehension skills...oh, and those people skills are a bit below par!

Now, for the life of me, I am not sure just what you are trying to accomplish here. B.S. baffles brains, as some say, I suppose.

O.k., just what the heck are you talking about here... you on drugs or something ...not one point you refer to, was referred to, by ME!

"lurkswithin...I will stand by my original statement that it is possibly more than you are willing to admit is above your comprehention. You come here and make assinine statements [NAME ONE] that are so far off base [HOW FAR] that it is ridiculous [HOW SO] and you pretend that you are in full knowledge of what you are doing [I MADE NO SUCH CLAIM] when it is obvious that you are not. Most definately NOT. [SPELLING]

Don't get on no [GRAMMAR] high horse with me as you are the one totally wrong here in this post [HOW?] and a few more [WHICH?] that you have posted in this forum....all of which come out that you are doing this and that and can't seem to get it right [WHICH]....mostly because you are using the WRONG tools for what you are trying to which a simple google search could lead you to the right information but you refuse to see what it is and then demand that we help you with doing it your way. Hogwash! All you are doing is wasting my and others time in answering these so called posts of yours."


Please be factual. If you are going to argue a point, at least be able to refer to it properly and put forth your points. Refer to the error and then offer a solution.

Are you sure that you are not suffering from a psychological "episode." And I just happen to be the lucky sucker that got crapped on? Take a valium, calm down, collect your thoughts and then communicate clearly and carefully. Oh, and refer to my contents as they are written not as you seem to see them through the fog of some military maisma!

This is supposed to be fun, not a WAR!

Short return edit:

I have reviewed, again, the outrageous behaviour of the foregoing correspondants...and my inquiries which seemed to provoke the responses which were noted. Yes, I have 17 yrs experience with computers. Common sense would tell you that that would not include "accomplished experience," until many years had been spent on the keyboard. I began with a bare computer and W3.1/DOS and proceeded from there to TEACH MYSELF everything I NEEDED TO about computers. I am disabled, therefore I had no choice [no tears please]. I am not a techno-phobe, nor have I had any professional's been the school of hard knocks for me. I've reformatted the HD more times then I care to say...and each and every time, I LEARNED something. I keep copious notes of every error and the solution, if found...otherwise, I'd wipe the drive and start over. At least 20% of my hard drive is a "Library of Issues." Certain things don't interest me...the programming stuff or the hard wire stuff, that Wombat and Lurkswithin appear to be "experts" at...not interested...but testing software from a Black Box [see wikipedia] perspective has motivated me to try out hundreds of programs, to the point of forwarding [sometimes when solicited] comments as to the validity or functionality of the software that I am fumbling around with. I take the position of "any man" and then forward a list of the pluses and minuses, re: the program to the writers. This often motivated the software provider to contact me , and ask for further "real world" use of his/her product. Once upon a time, there were specific individuals at the end of a bit of ware, now it is just big corporations who hire the likes of Wombat and Lurkswithin...and more power to them. But, one loses the sense of adventure when taking a rawly designed program and putting it through its paces. This is all a hobby with me... I'm retired and of ancient years... and I enjoy trying to bust up a program and then working my way through to a solution...EVEN IF I HAVE TO ASK OTHERS FOR HELP...but you know what...a heck of a lot of learning went on and it's stuck with me. My tests/exams were solving problems on my own. At this point, I feel quite comfortable around computers and feel that I can handle just about any problem. If there is a problem, it is not the computer' is that of the programmer, who is under pressure to produce, and has a time line to adhere to, because that's his job and how he earns a pay cheque. I do not have that to worry about all that. The likes of Wombat and Lurkswithin are to be commended for their taking the time to share their expertise with us lowly trolls...but then again, others of their ilk caused the problems in the first place...there is not one problem on, or in, a computer that can be its fault. Computers are as dumb as bricks and will only do what "we've" told them to do, by virtue of their design, which may be flawed; or their operating system, which may be flawed; or the software we are forced to buy, which may be flawed. So, who are the real trolls, if not those responsible for all of us banging our heads on these issues, which are really not of our making. Why should we, the consumers, be made to not only pay for the mistakes, but have to try to beg the producers for a solution. We should not have to.

Thus, we come to syschat...bravo...some sanity where a bloke can feel free to fumble around at his/her leisure, toss out some ideas, look for some work arounds, and generally, have a pleasurable time of it all. And, not be made to feel like an idiot or suffer the "slings and arrows" of outrageous comments. There is nothing that motivates participation more, than a helping hand, gently offered. And if that bloke's computer behaves in such-and-such a way, then that's what we've got to deal with.

Right now, I've spent three days trying to bust the Trend Internet Security mpr.dll issue...the net is replete with everyone's suggestions, but not one has worked on my computer. Does that make me an idiot...a troll, no, just unsuccessful at fixing someone else's dumb mistakes! That's what Black Box [beta] testing is all about. It's beta, in my books, until every issue is accounted for and solved. But, then the manufacturer solves the problem by issuing a whole new program without due respect for the sweat we've all shed in attempting to deal with their problems of the old...and VISTA was born!

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