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Originally Posted by breeze1961 View Post
I've been working on my friends PC. He is running Windows 2000 Professional OS. How can I check for the programs running in the background? I can not use the "msconfig" command like you do in XP and Vista. I have opened the task Manager as well, but it does not list any running apps.

Also, he got the PC from his company after they upgraded to newer PCs and the compnay logo appears several times in the boot sequence. Is there a place I can stop the old logo from appearing when he boots up? I have tried several times to remove symantec as well and it always asks for a password. Can I remove it manually or is there a default password I am not using? I have tried "admin" and "administrator". I am trying to install a new home network for him and it is not allowing it to connect. He doesn't want to go to the IT department at work if he doesn't have to to ask for the old password. I have also run a system restore from his RP: partion and it didn't remove the logo or reset password either.

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Go here and get Autoruns, this is a far better programme to use than MS-Config.

It works in Widows 2000 as well...

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