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I will stand by my original statement that it is possibly more than you are willing to admit is above your comprehention.
You come here and make assinine statements that are so far off base that it is ridiculous and you pretend that you are in full knowledge of what you are doing when it is obvious that you are not. Most definately NOT.

Don't get on no high horse with me as you are the one totally wrong here in this post and a few more that you have posted in this forum....all of which come out that you are doing this and that and can't seem to get it right....mostly because you are using the WRONG tools for what you are trying to which a simple google search could lead you to the right information but you refuse to see what it is and then demand that we help you with doing it your way. Hogwash! All you are doing is wasting my and others time in answering these so called posts of yours.

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