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[QUOTE=b1caez01;11789]Well, my version of XP-SP3 does not allow me to do a Windows Partitioning. The commands that are always quoted when you tap in the unallocated space, do not appear live, or are greyed out, on my shell pop-up, off the mouse, nor do they appear in the tool bar. So, I must look to others to do my bidding. The only time I can use Windows to partition is on a fresh install. Tried that...and Windows didn't know what to do, even then.

I've got nothing against PartionMagic8, not the Norton Norton does not exist on my about software that will give you head aches.[/QUOTE]

I don't know where you are getting your installation CDs from BUD but they must not be kosher or you just pretend to know what you are doing and need to finish your schooling or something. The formating and partitioning tool used in the installation of windows has been working fine on every CD that I have ever used and that has been a couple of thousand English versions and a few hundred foreign language ones as well as I have quite a few military personel as clients

Other than the 4 partition limit it is one of the best around for doing what it was designed to do...format and partition a single drive for the installation of a single copy of a windows operating system. If you need it to do more than that then are most definately out of luck.

You don't use a screwdriver to remove a bolt...If you have some other objective to what something is designed for...then my suggestion is to find another tool that will do that job for you and quit trying to force something else to go against what it was designed for.

If you wish to alter something then have at it but don't come crying back here because you fail to get it to do something it was not designed for!

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