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No, there is all ways a way around something.
Remove any added hardware that was not installed when the computer was new. Especially any sound cards or USB add-ons

Enter the BIOS and make sure that the first boot order is indeed the CD/DVD rom drive. Insert the CD while still in the BIOS and then press F10 to save and exit. The computer should reboot andwhen asked to boot to cd press enter... then follow the prompts again. If there is an option for hard or soft destruction repair choose the hard will totally wipe the old partition and start fresh...which is what you need.

When you get to the prompt about deleting the partition choose to delete the partition and follow the prompts. It will then ask you to choose again which partition to set up XP and choose the partition space that you just deleted. Chose to format in NTSF file system and it should be ok from there on out.

The disc you have is a restore disc and differs from the true installation disc in a way that allows the manufacturer to install drivers and third party applications at the same time of installation. These sometimes conflict with the installation as XP is extremely driver protective and if it sees that the driver or updates are all ready there it may choose to exit the installation.

If you have any more errors make sure you copy them exactly as they are.

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