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Originally Posted by lurkswithin View Post
If you installed windows 2000 with xp all ready installed you will never get it to work properly.

Other than with windows Vista operating system (because it is a completely new system), any dual booting requires that the oldest operating system be installed first....there is no true way to get around this without the use of a third party boot manager that hides the MBR from each operating system installed.

Try to save what files you need saving and start over with installing the W2000 first then installing XP second.
Hey lurkswithin, you actually helped me more than you know and I didn't lose a file.

I got to thinking about what you said here. When I installed Win2000, it overwrote the MBR and would default to that Boot Record. (I had forgotten about the MBR). So, I installed Win XP "again" in another folder so now I have basically a triple boot or multi-boot with 3 separate copies of an OS on the same partition. When the install of XP finished and I could get back into the original boot.ini file and remove the reference to Win2000. I deleted the folder WinNT. Then restarted and got rid of the last install of Win XP that I put in the folder "xphome" instead of "windows". I'm back to the original install that I was trying to repair.

I do however, think I'm going to do a complete format and start over, but this allows me to use the installed software such as CD burning software to save what I want to save before I do this.

I just wanted to let you know that you can repair this without losing any files, it just takes a little time (the new installation of XP in the folder "xphome" since starting this thread). Patience doesn't hurt either.

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