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Originally Posted by new2this View Post

Hello everybody.

I was trying to download Knoppix for the purpose of partition my HD, the problem is that I don't know how to create a live CD.

I was told to go on-line download the program and transfer it to a CD, then go to BIOS and modify the boot order to CD first and that what I did, but it doesn't work, the machine tries to start from the CD drive but for some reason I don't get any video and after a minute it boots up from the HD.

Somebody told me to create an image of the ISO file, which is not the same as creating a music CD, and that there should be an option to make an image of the file to the CD in my software, which I don't see( I use HP Record now).

Can somebody help me with this, am I supposed to install any software for my CD drive? or how is it that I create a live CD, please make it as simple as you can, I am not really familiar with the computer world, every time I read the forums I realize how much I have to learn, but with your help I will do it.

Thank you everybody for taking the time to help.
You need to burn the knoppix.iso to a cdr as a image. If your just burning it as a data file you have buckleys of getting it to boot from the cd rom drive.

Here's a link on how to do this here.

It appears to me that you are not proficient enough to partition your HP computer. Be very careful in using a Knoppix live cd as the naming convetion of hardrives is different in Linux.

You would be better of taking it in to a computer shop and explain what you are trying to achieve by partitioning your harddrive...


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