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Originally Posted by benzaloy View Post
Thank you Sir, I shall use google and ask and also read up in emagazines b4 I come to syschat.
Now i know a Driver is a program that does work.
I had a hazy idea that am doing the wrong thing by addressing you personally.
I am sorry and there won't be anymore repetitions in future.
No problem! I enjoy the complement and all but it is for everyone's benefit that it be kept as open forum.

I also didn't mean for you to do all those things before coming or using SysChat. WhaT I forgot to say was that following the posts in the Forums is also a great way to learn. It will sometimes save you lots of time from searching the subject yourself as someone lse has probably all ready done it and you can evaluate what is being discussed and learn what was the correct proceedure or whether that way worked at all!

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