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Originally Posted by benzaloy View Post
Lurkswithin, Sir, You are a wonder ... That's ok now. Downloading is working perfectly.

Is it possible to undo this Vista that came with the pc and install the old XP in this pc ???

I have 1000s of questions to ask............just when I was getting used to the old pc, my daughter and her hubby bought me this Acer laptop ... and took away the old Toshiba for their son of 7 yrs..........lovely chap.
This life time of mine isn't enough to learn this Vista and I can't take it with me when I leave ... it would be soon too, now that my score is 70 not out yet.

About Norton anti-virus, I will post it anew.

A googlle ad here says : Fix Windows Vista Driver
Free Download - takes 2 minutes.

What does this do???

And what is a DRIVER ???

Please forgive my less-than-basic Qns ...

I am only a few days old in Vista and have had
two sleepless nights already ...

Please help me ..............and I may come up with
some more of these everyday.

Is it ok with you and SysChat ???

Thank you, Sir, kindly stick by me as I understand you better,
ben aloysius
I am complemented but please refrain from addressing your posts just to me. I do not have all the answers and I make my share of mistakes. Someone else out there may have a better answer and/or and easier way of doing something than me...addressing directly to me will keep others from posting and this is an open forum

The best information I can give you about your many questions here is to use common sense...
never download something without a very good reference from a very trusting person and even then you must have reservations

Learn to use search functions and Google or or other search engines
There are many great articles about the operations and use of computers...but even then read more than one article as there are some that are older than either you or me! Technology is changing faster than I can keep up with it.
Found a promising program or application to make things better for your personal computing the program and read about it and preferably from third parties. No company will bad mouth their own product including Microsoft. So look for what others have to say. There are many emagazines that do evaluations and research on things as they come out or while in beta the reports.

A googlle ad here says : Fix Windows Vista Driver
Free Download - takes 2 minutes.
I have no idea what it does as it is just too generic

And what is a DRIVER ???
the first answer to the google search: What is a driver
Windows Vista Help: What is a driver?

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