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Default Method to Uninstall Norton Anti-Virus Program

For the attention of "Lurkswithin"

As I opened my pc this morning I got a warning: "Your Norton Anti-Virus program is out of date ... You should protect your pc now."

The Norton thing has come with the pc like this Vista.

In panic I searched around and was shown 8 anti-virus programs: AVG, McFee, CA, Windows One Care, and some others.

Though I am a FREE programs user, I feel it is better to pay for 'protection'.

My choice is One Care as it is of Windows and I may acrue a little extra care from Australian Microsoft people when I reach out to them for help one day.

I was also advised that there shouldn't be TWO anti-virus programs in ONE pc as they may cause problems.

Now, how do I remove the old Norton before I go in with One Care ?

Please guide me with detailed instructions please.

Thank you,

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