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Thanks, and also for your reply to my question on the op systems board.

Well, the machine is in an office setting for now, and OC'ing is kinda frowned upon. I was just hoping to pop a faster processor in there. It had been a pretty sweet system, a couple of WD 10,000 Rpm 150 GB Raptor SATA 1 drives in a RAID 0 with XP on it's own small Raptor (it came to me with that and one of the 150 GB drives i juiced it from there).

So what does OC'ing do to SATA? If you just jump the processor speed & leave the FSB alone, are you ok? I've never really messed with OC'ingmuch...

(Hint: I'm getting a new laptop/docking station & may be able to secure this one for my flight sim machine at home...)

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