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Originally Posted by Ancient View Post

Few questions about an old computer of mine.

-Windows 2000 (XP)
-256 MB of Ram

This computer is basically full with old junk files and everything you could think of. I want to still use it and I have been thinking about reformatting.

Do I have this all correct here?


After you have reformatted I am aware that you need to reinstall all of your drivers...does anyone know how many of these I should have on discs? or do I need the discs or can I get them from elsewhere?

Thanks a lot guys,
If you still have the motherboard cd it will have all of the drivers on it. If not, you will have to go digging on the mobo manufacturers website for the correct drivers.

If you have a separate sound card or video card go to the manufactures website and download them from there.

See if you can get some more ram at least another 256 meg stick...


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