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Default Blitz The League

This is the best, most awesome, coolest, football game in the history of all football games. Ever since Madden greedily bought the NFL License, no one else can use real NFL players or teams. So the old Blitz game reappeared, and decided to drop the "National" and "Football" and just leave "League".

The game is amazing. Great graphics, great gameplay. On offense, you can slow down time (you only have a certain amount of slow down time, it is located in a meter on the top of the screen) and do awesome dodging moves (and you run a little faster), and there are a nice amount of plays, like "Boomstick" (actually called Boom, but boomstick sounds funnier).

On defense, you can do awesome tackles, called "Dirty Hits" which includes, but is not limited to: taking a players facemask a ripping it off; grabbing the players facemask and punching them repeatedly; taking off their helmet and smacking them down with it.

Not to mention the injuries, they are amazing. Whenever you injure someone, it shows the bone snap, or in some cases, a tendon or cartilige tearing. When that happens, you can either choose to safely treat them, or inject them with steroids (guess which one I always choose).

I could go on and on about this game, but long story short, it is the best football game I have ever played and I will probably end up buying it.

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