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Default Windows Explorer - "View - Filmstrip" intermittency (WinXP)

Hopefully a quick'n'dumb question. I often have directories with only image-type files in them. Sometimes they include video files as well. No, this is not my pr0n collection! ). OP system is XP SP2

Occasionally, the lovely Windows explorer will offer a "View-Filmstrip" option when looking at these directories, even if there are non-image or video files mixed in. But mostly, not - only thumbnails, icons, list, details, the usual options for directories with mixed file types, even if there are ONLY image-type files in them.

Odd. I suppose I should mention that most image file types *(jpg's, tiff's, etc) are "registered" to open with Irfanview, does that interfere with the Windows "View-Filmstrip" option? I'm thinking perhaps the filmstrip option uses the Windows picture and Fax viewer in an explorer window...

Thanks all!

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