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Talking XP install issues...

I'm currently in the process of trying to setup a XP duel boot with Vista already on board. I read the tutorial everything makes sense. Ok here is where i start noticing some strange happenings.

I have a duel SATA hard drive set up. 2x 160 gig spinners combined to make up 300gig single hard drive using Raid 0. Presently I have 178gigs free, when I go to the system management utility and then go to shrink hard drive it scans my computer and comes back with only 3100mbs available. I think "well that’s not right, but it is enough for an XP install so I’ll just go with it." So now I have my XP partition, a healthy primary partition, I pop my XP disk in and restart my computer. My boot order is CD, Hard drive, then floppy, XP begins booting from the CD, loads drivers, all is well. Now here is the wall, when XP asks me where I want to install to, the options are nothing, in the box it says "unknown drive, no disks installed” or something to that effect. Then as soon as I hit any button, I get the blue screen of death and have to restart.

Any Suggestions? Format everything and start over? Replace the hard drives because they clearly have become possesed by the devil? Take it out side and shoot it?


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