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freshmorning2010 12-05-2011 12:15 PM

Zoom Online Images in Chrome Itself
If you are a fanatical fan of sharing and viewing multiple images on the Web, there is good news for
you! Instead of opening these images in a suitable program for viewing them in a bigger size, you can
now zoom them in your browser itself. This is particularly beneficial when you encounter a series of
thumbnails that are not visible clearly on a Web page. Obviously, I assume that there is no zoom option
on that page due to which you find it difficult to make out what the image is exactly all about.

Fortunately, you can now get rid of this problem in Google Chrome wherein it is possible to add an
instant zoom utility so that you can enjoy image zooming on famous image portals. Can you guess how
to do so? Well, any new utility in Chrome comes from its set of available extensions.

It is the zoomZoom extension that facilitates image zooming in Chrome. This handy extension enables
you to view an enlarged form of a small image or a thumbnail as soon as you move your mouse over
it. Currently, this image zooming extension is applicable to several image hosting sites such as Google
Images, TinyPic, Flickr, Facebook, Wikipedia, PhotoBucket, and devianART. However, this is not the end!
In near future, you will have an upgraded version that will support more image hosting sites.

The zoomZoom extension is available at the Chrome Store where you will find more details about this
extension. Just go to the official page of the extension and click ADD TO CHROME for installing it. In no
time, a small message will appear on the toolbar, which indicates how to use the extension.

Before you actually go ahead and use the extension, consider exploring its options so that you can
change its behavior. To do so, enter chrome://extensions in the Address bar, spot the extension on
the Extensions page, and click Options. You can now select the sites on which you want image zooming
automatically. By default, the bigger version of an image opens up in a popup window. So, if you want to
change the popup location, click Popup atop.

Now, just open a Web page with thumbnails or image collection, let’s say, a Flickr page and keep your
mouse on a desired image or thumbnail. You will now see a bigger view of the image in a popup just
above the focused image in the Web image.

exoticious 12-13-2011 06:54 PM

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