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grannie14 03-12-2007 06:07 PM

XP Pro with Vista?
I just purchased a new Dell Dimension 9200. It came with Vista Basic. I wanted it with XP Pro but they would not change it. So I want to buy & install XP Pro. Can I have both operating systems? Can I do this by partitioning my hard drive? I have my old computer’s hard drive partitioned for C: drive and then two smaller partitions for data storage and I would like two data partitions besides OS. But it has been 5 years and I’m not sure how to do it? Is there some on-line instruction/help for this? Don’t tell me to buy one of those programs that does it, I tried to do that and it was a waste of money.

Or maybe I don’t need Vista at all? We don’t do gaming. Mostly photos and accounting. I just want to be able to use the various programs we already have, many from Win 98SE. Since this is just Vista Basic maybe it wouldn’t benefit me to keep it. I always have the CD if I need it at a later date. Any opinions?

William_Wilson 03-12-2007 06:40 PM

you most certainly can have both, i have written an extensive tutorial on it with many images to help, i will be posting it in the next couple of days :)

I am currently running XP, Vista and Debian

Ernest_T 03-29-2007 12:06 PM

The only way (so far) to put XP Pro on a dimension 9200 is to change
the Sata/raid controller settings in the bios from RAID ON to automatic detect sata/raid. After that you can install xp pro with SP2, SP1 will
not work, it will load just fine but you will not have SATA/RAID installed
in xp. If you don't mind this then it will be ok. If you decide to try &
install the sata/raid drivers after you install xp it won't let you because
you have it disabled in the bios. If you re-inable from bios you will get the
Blue screen of death.

rclarke 04-03-2007 07:25 AM


Originally Posted by William_Wilson (Post 5648)
you most certainly can have both, i have written an extensive tutorial on it with many images to help, i will be posting it in the next couple of days :)

I am currently running XP, Vista and Debian

Hi...I have been returning several times to this forum in hope of your tutorial on how to add xp pro to vista. Like others, my notebook came with vista and right now I do not have time to climb the vista learning curve. I do hope your schedule will permit the release of the tutorial very shortly...Ron

Dutchie 04-06-2007 12:49 AM

Hi Ron,

Actually William Wilson did post the tutorial see this URL
However,that may not be what you wanted/expected,since it deals with adding Vista to XP.

I think the following info is what you're after:
VistaBootPRO - Go PRO with Windows Vista and VistaBootPRO
and also this post (3rd post by Omego2K) in this thread:
dual boot XP and Vista where you install XP after Vista

Good luck,

PS if you want more links,just do a search for "install XP after Vista" or similar.

xDAMIENx 04-09-2007 09:42 AM

Alright, look. People ask all sorts of questions about "Can I partition, and run this, with this,? And can I put xp on a vista ready computer?."
The answer is simple, Yes. You can do anything period, the possibilities are endless, Whether it be a 2007 laptop or a 2000, you can always put an older OS system on it. It's all a scam really, they make factory settings that conform to the devil "Vista" standards, just to trick the average PC user into thinking they cant still use our beloved XP.
Bios, Bios, Bios. Simple changes can usually fix these problems. Why these factory morons are going to sell a pc with an operating system that barely works yet, and not give you an XP option from the git?....In short I'm flipping them the bird. It's all propaganda and if uber-geeks thought microsoft was the devil before?.......jeesh.
Well, as a side note, I'm a bit of an uber-geek, and I want to let you know something, of right now, there is not an option other then Aero that cant be added to xp. And Xp will run these same options at a cpu idle value of 1 percent. Where as on my pc, in vista it runs it at 24 percent idle. Come on folks !!!!!!!!!!......I bought Vista like an idiot !!!!......Just becouse it's new?.....doesnt mean its better. And goodness gracious, this is the worst !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! operating system I've personally ever seen.
Thank you

xDAMIENx 04-09-2007 09:59 AM

One more thing, as my help to any who read this.
Windows X. Has a wonderful, "prolly going to git sued for the disquise", vista wrap for xp. Windows X’s Shrine
Desktop Sidebar Home Page

These are what I use to git the vista look on my xp. Keep in mind, I also own Vista Ultimate on a second partition. But I actually "use" my pc, so I'll stick with xp. I mean, if it takes a jet engine of a pc to run vista?, imagine what that same pc can do running xp?. On the bright side, maybe the virus designers might start focusing there eye on Vista, and lay off xp for a while.
After all, they seem to stay with the times better then anyone, and I say let em.:icon_twisted: :icon_twisted:

Dutchie 04-09-2007 11:27 AM


For the most part my sentiments too,but there's something I don't get:
You say :

I'm a bit of an uber-geek, and I want to let you know something, of right now, there is not an option other then Aero that cant be added to xp.
yet you bought Vista and are running it on your pc.Why?
Vista was available before it came out and was free to try.
Copies of Vista are all over the internet to try out.
Even now,if you're not satisfied with it ,return it and you can get your money back.(Depending how long you've used it)
Microsoft North American Retail Product Refund Guidelines

I'm still running XP Pro and don't intend to change,but would be interested to know
which apps you refer to on Vista,that can be run in XP.
Please do us all a favor and list the items and where to get them :)
that would be more constructive and help us stay with XP :)

Thank YOU.

xDAMIENx 04-09-2007 07:32 PM

Well thank you (do you have made by microsoft on your butt?) however, even though you sound just like one of micro's cronies, im a service tech, that means,..............well?.........that means, I'm on a need to know basis.
Naw, your reply made sense. But I feel as if I need to know for real what Vista's problems and bonus's are. So far? center is the only bonus that i've found, and that can be bought for xp. But honestly? I'm dissapointed, depressed, and really kinda sad, I had my hopes up with vista. I did try Vista in a virtual machine Duckie, oops, I mean dutchie,....a virtual machine is a mock OS within an OS,.......whatever, it did not run very well within it,.......ofcourse I thought it might have been the weakness of running in a virtual machine,.but no, it's the most bloated OS ever made in history. Personally, I assume that the programmers were on an impossible time schedule, and despite the use of meth and a lot of cocaine, were forced to still code in there hot selling .net code, and not C++. That would explain the bloat. I mean honestly!!! these are prolly the same ppl that design NASA control programs!!!......... hmmm? wonder if it's in .net too? well, signing off now. xDAMIENx.

William_Wilson 04-09-2007 08:37 PM

bloated OS yes, very much so, but MS needs to make money, and users running an old OS doesn't do that. Vista has some great visual enhancements, which i do find impressive, as well as a few of the integrations into the OS that used to be available only as add-ons, making them a flawless use. To be honest, I would not buy Vista, but i do run it since i recieved it free.

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