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suzismith85 11-07-2009 05:59 AM

“Windows has blocked the file..” Error Appears While Extracting the Zip File
Though, zip format is a useful method of compressing the file size, it is of no use when the files cannot be extracted from the zipped folder. Sometimes, Windows blocks the extraction of files present in the zipped folder, due to which the Zip file becomes inaccessible, which may further cause data loss. The reason behind this could be corruption of the Zip file, which occurs due to improper system shutdown, virus, power failure, and many alike. In such situations, it becomes necessary to repair the Zip file as it may contain important information. Therefore, to retrieve your data from the corrupted Zip file, you need to use an effective zip repair software.

Consider a situation – Sometimes, when you try to extract the files from the .zip file, the process fails and you receive the below mentioned error message:

"Windows has blocked the file c:programfile from being extracted.
Would you like to continue trying to extract files, skip all further blocked file notifications, or cancel the extract operation?”

After this error message flashes, the extraction process stops abruptly and all the data stored in the .zip file gets inaccessible.

The above mentioned error message may occur due to the following reasons:

Windows blocks the extraction process if the zipped folder contains any virus infected files. Windows does not allow to extract the files due to security reasons.
If the Zip file is corrupt or damaged due to which WinZip fails to extract it.

To resolve the problem, consider the following measures:

In case the problem has occurred due to virus infected files in the zipped folder, then use a latest anti-virus application to rule out the virus.
But, if the problem has occurred due to corruption of the Zip file, then you need to repair the Zip file using an efficient repair zip file software. Such applications scan and repair the corrupted Zip file systematically with the help of its sophisticated scanning algorithms. Enriched with interactive graphical user interface, these Zip Repair tools are easy to use and understand and do not require any prior technical skills.

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