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AndyGoh56 04-09-2007 01:39 PM

Why passward required ???
I recently manged to set up my network with two of my desktop. I call them computer A and the other computer B.
When I use my computer B and go into network place / view workgroup computers , I was able to view computer A and computer B icon.
I tried to get into view computer A files, it started to ask me to enter my user:confused:
name and password ? I have not set any passoord when I setup computer A using the Network setup wizard for small home user . In fact this setup do not require any password setup. Why is the computer A asking computer B for password and user name before allow sharing ?.
Pls help me to rid this user name and passord from computer A.
On the oppersite if I view them from computer A to see computer B files , it does
not ask me for passord and user id.
Pls help .
Both have OS Widow XP Professional SP2

iscatel 04-13-2007 07:26 AM

You may have the shares set up differently, otherwise the two systems would behave the same. Check the security settings on the shares.

It may also be that you log in on one system and not the other? Once you have logged into the computer, MS uses that username/password, forwarding it quietly to any system on the LAN you try to use.


William_Wilson 04-13-2007 11:35 AM

you can also try running the network wizard, there should be an option on sharing files/printers, if not there is something amiss in the network settings. I have run across this many times, and usually it's a simple case of installing the correct 1KB peice of data from the cd, but without seeing the computer it's hard to know what you have/dont' have.
What is listed under:
my network places
*to the left click
network connections
right click "Local Area Connection" -> properties

what is listed in the scroll box, there are a few that are for file sharing, which, if missing are a good place to start.

AndyGoh56 04-14-2007 05:27 AM

Why passward required ???
Hi William,
At the properities place are only 4 items of which all are checked for allowance There is nothing here to say about password setting ?.I have not
set any admin password or username also. When I on my desktop , windows will
bring me right to my desktop icons when I can begin to serf the internet and no password needed unless I go into shared folders during network sharing.
What can I do next to resolve this problem

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