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blazedpr8 06-06-2009 04:01 PM

what do i need to upgrade to make my comp faster?
i have vista home basic..compaq presario...system typex86..amd athlon processor 3800+,2400 mhz, 1 core, 1 logical processor....installed physical memory 2.50 physical memory 2.37 GB.. available physical memory 1.11 GB....i know its not that slow of a computer for me because i dont use it for gaming i jus want to at least be able to DL windows 7 and i cant when i try it says i dont have enough memory and i dont have that many things i need more memory???...also sometimes my comuter will act starnge like the windows toolbar quicklaunch will open all the icons even though i have it set for it wouldnt be that way and aslo i have to refresh icons sometimes to make them reappear where there supposed to be..firefox doesnt open all the time the way it should and a window pops up telling me that it cant run and shows me a C++ which i dont think is to good i have a virus ?? i checked it with various programs and it says no but i have a feeling i do ..

William_Wilson 06-06-2009 09:36 PM

Could be a virus, but I'm not thinking so.

Your processor is faster than that of my laptop and I downloaded and installed Windows 7 RC just fine. That would not affect your ability to obtain the OS.
When you say 2.50GB of physical memory are you talking about your hard drive or your RAM?

If this really is your hard disk space, then you cannot download Windows 7. The cd image file is over 2GB in size for any of the versions and Vista takes over 1GB itself.

To verify this, look under Start > Computer
Your hard disk drive(s) should be listed at the top including the amount(s) of free space.

lurkswithin 06-06-2009 10:29 PM

something doesn't seem right with what you are saying. As William pointed out about the memory. A computer with that type of board ( for 3800 cpu )usually has much more harddrive than that.

The showing of available memory (ram) shows that you have more than enough to operate at faster speeds and be able to download Windows 7.

I would first make sure that your system is clean and free from spyware/malware/viruses.

blazedpr8 06-07-2009 02:55 AM

the recovery D drive has 1.37 GB free of 8.44 GB and the C drive has 2.40 GB free of 103 GB.....i mean i dont know what is wrong i bought memory maybe 4 months ago i cant remember 1GB or 2GB maybe i installed the memory wrong but if all you have to do is stick it in there then it should be good right? or am i missing do i remove the or even find this virus any programs you can suggest? i think also i might have uninstalled something maybe i shouldnt have but i cant remember what that was either lol i was trying to get rid of things i dont normally use to make it faster but that was i before i learned of buying memory....think maybe i should just get a new comp and also this is 32bit not 64bit i heard 64bits are supposed to be the newer ones thatll be able to handle future programs and what not better or something like that...yes it is the installed physical memory RAM that has 2.50GB ....i wish i knew more about computers than i pretend i do lol i really thank anyone for their help

lurkswithin 06-07-2009 05:10 PM

I would say that your harddrive is full and that is what is keeping you from downloading windows just don't have enough space left to download to!.

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