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mambo 12-31-2006 09:05 AM

Video problem
I'm using Firefox, Windows Media Player 11, and have a DI-604 Router...

It seems that recently I haven't been able to view videos on my desktop.

When I'm on the web, and see a video which I'd like to view, I click on it, and the browser screen will turn white, also any links to videos don't work...but If I'm on a website like YouTube, the videos are fine.

On very few occasions, Firefox opens a little window and asks if I want to open the file with WMP...but I thought that WMP would be my default automatically. It seems this problem started after I upgraded to WMP 11...

I'm okay with my PC, but get frustrated trying to set things up properly...

Any help with this, or a link to read would be greatly appreciated...


Firefox 01-03-2007 11:25 AM

The reason Firefox asks you if you would like to open the file with WMP is that your browser is trying to open an application, and some viruses will do that, so Firefox asks if you know about it before it does anything.

I would download the latest plugin for WMP for Firefox as you have upgraded the player, then you will need to upgrade the plugin also. If you still get problems then I would roll back to WMP 10. I had a few problems with WMP 11 myself so I just went back to WMP 10, and have told others to do the same when having video problems and this seems to have fixed it.

As always Microsoft seem to be all too eager to release software that isnt 100% tested and approved.

Also you have to remember that Firefox is freeware software and Microsoft will NOT test any of their new software with it. (It is after all a product in direct competion with IE and in my opinion Firefox wins be a country mile)

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