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A350cid 05-14-2011 02:58 PM

Video card dieing?! lines across screen
Hello everyone,

I have just recently noticed faint white lines running horizontally across my monitor. It appears in both 2d and 3d mode, or at least while a 3d screensaver is running - I don't play games. My monitor is a viewsonic 19" crt. It has been running at it's current resolution/refresh rate: 1280x1024/60 Hertz for years without problem. I have an Abit nf-m2 nview mobo, but am not using the onboard video, I have an ATI x1300 pcie card - which appears to be running fine. Unfortunately I have to run legacy drivers for it, since it's so old: Catalyst 8.2. I have found, running Windows 7 32bit, the 8.2 drivers are very stable. My fan on the video card runs fine, and all temps are at or below normal ranges.

A screenshot wouldn't work, and my camera cannot seem to capture the lines in good enough detail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :icon_smile::icon_smile:

Thanks in advance

DominicD 05-14-2011 03:29 PM

hi A350cid

i suggest you try using the onboard video card. see if you can reproduce the same random lines when using the onboard video card with the same screensaver or 2/3d mode. if the random lines do not appear while using the onboard video, then its safe to say that its really your external ATI x1300 video card that is faulty.

does the random lines appear only after some hours have passed while using the pc and then you run a 3d program? it might be that the video card sort of "overheats" to heavier load of 3d graphics. check the video card's fan - ensure that its spinning fast and not blocked by dust or wires.

video cards are among the first pc components to fail after maybe more than 3 years of use. while we cant pinpoint for sure the defect triggers on the video card, you can try lowering the video settings to hopefully prolong the life of the video card.

1. ensure that your pc case has good ventilation. clean and dust-free internal parts and video connectors from the card to the motherboard, and at the back of the motherboard video port to the lcd monitor.

2. if possible, try lowering your color settings to 16bit. windows xp colors then wont be so pretty, but it might help prolong the video card's life.

3. some newer video cards and drivers allow you to monitor the temperature of the video card. if you have this option, see if there is a specific heat reading on when the random lines appear .

goodluck :)

A350cid 05-15-2011 09:12 AM

Thank you for the reply DomincD.

That is a good suggestion, trying the on board video. I can't help but wonder though, if this old crt monitor is on the fritz.

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