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mark willium 11-11-2012 11:35 PM

Useful Tips for choosing best Registry Cleaner program
Are you confused about choosing the best registry cleaner program for your PC? Since there are plenty of software out there so it is quite difficult to pick up the best among them. You need to do some research before choosing the best registry cleaner that will make your computer run faster. If you are spending money on your PC, obviously you want to pay for the best. So here I am giving you some tips on how to choose the best registry cleaner for your PC:
  1. Be aware of so called free registry cleaner: No doubt, there are some really good free registry cleaner software available online but still many others are a complete time waste. When you download these registry cleaner software, they infect your PC with virus.
  2. Compatible Registry cleaner: The most important thing to consider while choosing registry cleaner is that it should be compatible with your PC. There is no use of wasting money on a registry cleaner that is not even compatible with your PC. So before buying any registry cleaner software make sure to check the system requirement needed by that software.
  3. Read online reviews: Search customer review websites on registry cleaner and read what other have to say about the product. You can search for any brand and read customer suggestions, feedbacks etc. This will give you an idea on which product to choose.
  4. Easy to use: Software should be very easy to use because if you don't know how to use then what's the point of buying it. It should be user friendly so that even non technical users can use it without any problem. Moreover software should be able to delete all registry, junk files and cookies in just a single click.
  5. Backup & restore registry feature: It is recommended to take backup of registry before performing any action on it because problem may occur after cleaning the registry. So if you have backed up your registry, you will be able to restore it without any problem. Only good registry cleaners provide you the option of 'backup & restore registry'. If this feature is not available in the registry cleaner software then please don't buy it.
  6. Optimize physical memory: For better performance of computer, RAM should be optimized. Good registry cleaner software provides this option.
  7. Schedule cleaning tasks: Some of the most professional registry cleaner software provides the option of 'schedule activities'. Using this option you can save your time by scheduling the cleaning activities to be performed at your defined time automatically.
  8. Good customer support: Make sure the software you are choosing should have excellent customer support. The company should provide full customer support through telephone, email, online chat or by other means.
  9. Cost factor: If you are going for paid version of software then take cost in to consideration. Most branded and professional paid registry cleaner also comes in the range of 18 to 25 dollars.

davegeeit 01-15-2013 05:14 AM

Windows Registry is the most complicated and critical components of the PC that contains entire settings of user profiles, operating system and installed programs. There are times Windows Registry is over burdened with entire information and it results into slow PC, various errors etc. Finding each error separately and trying to remove is very troublesome. Third party Chily for Registry Cleaner software takes care of finding issues and repairing them instantly!


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