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Sebastian42 06-11-2012 08:41 AM

The body of emails shown as attachments
Four four months, Windows Live Mail in Win7 Ultimate 32 bits, behaved as expected. But now, I have to close it and open it a second time, because otherwise the bodies of emails are in the form of attachments. How can I restore normality ?

mhookem 06-11-2012 03:52 PM

Hold on Sebastian. I'll see what I can find.

Can you tell us when you first noticed it? eg after any kind of installation or windows update.



Sebastian42 06-11-2012 08:46 PM

A month ago it started. Ironically, today emails opened as they should. The fault has come and gone maybe 10 times. Just prior to its emergence, I had changed Startup in MSConfig from Selective to Normal. In a way I do not now remember, Windows backup was accidentally triggered. When I noticed that ALL items in MSConfig;StartUp were ticked, I reset StartUp to 'selective', and unticked unwanted items including WLSync. W.L.M. had a problem starting so I reticked WLSync. Since then I had a period where I could not delete some emails, and then not even open them [similarly for MSOffice files], but CheckDisk caused some improvement there. I often find Windows backup starting when I try open a USB external HDD.

mhookem 06-12-2012 04:30 AM

Ok thanks.

I ll give you a reply that will hopefully help, before the end of today.

It's 9:30am where I am. So before 7pm.


mhookem 06-12-2012 12:07 PM

Ok Sebastian, it looks like when you changed the start up settings and then rebooted, you corrupted the sync between any associated files or folders through Windows Live Sync.

The problems caused when connecting any external hdd stem from the same issue, which is why a disk check helped, if only a little.

So, how to fix the problem? It's a bit hard to help with this without taking a look at your pc, but here are some suggestions.

-go through every folder or external hdd that you've synced in the past.

-if possible, remove any that you don't need or use anymore and re-sync any that you do.

-if your successful check for an up to date version of Windows Live Sync. I think it's now called Windows Live Mesh.

-possibly check and make note of what you have set up on W.L.S and remove any if you feel it's necessary before you change any settings or remove files or folders.

If none of the above solves your problem, let me know.


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