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mhookem 06-07-2012 05:36 AM

The Best Password You Can Have?
Following some of the recent security breaches which involved hacking user account databases, I thought I'd write a short article on how to create a good password.

The main points to consider:-

1.Using a word like password or any other word that can be found in the dictionary gives the hacker an easy place to start.
So think about making up something that can never be considered a word.

2.Add some random numbers to the password and not something obvious like your date of birth or home address or postcode.
If you're being targeted specifically and the hacker has gained access to your personal account information which may include such details, this is one of the first things they will try.
Using parts of your name, date if birth and address all jumbled up are also too obvious.

The hacker can go through every combination of these details in a matter of seconds with a modern pc.

3.Consider not saving your password on your browser especially if it's a site that you use to purchase items using your credit card or other payment method such as a music download site.
If the password has been saved in your browser and therefore on your computer, and your computer becomes infected by a virus that specifically looks for stored passwords, there's a very big chance that your accounts will be compromised.
This may mean you have to write down your passwords and manually enter them everytime you visit your favourite shopping site, but it also takes your pc out of the equation when hackers try this method.

4.Keep your computer safe. Use up to date anti-virus software and regularly scan for infections.
If you have an infection that uses keylogging, keeping your passwords away from the computer by never saving them there won't mean anything when the hacker logs every key stroke.
If they see an odd looking word that has been typed, it's obviously a password.

4.Having a random password that includes letters, numbers and special characters leaves the hacker with the only sensible choice of using their computer.
This is where the computer becomes extremely useful in both encrypting and cracking passwords.

5.Most internet security firms will recommend at least a 12 character password. This is where the maths determines everything.
How fast can the computer go through every possible 12 character password?
This can easily go into decades!

6.If the hacker has access to the key that was used to encrypt the data on your pc, including your passwords, they can decrypt everything!

In the next article I'll go into a little more detail on encryption techniques and what the hacker needs to do once they have all the encrypted data from a user account.

In the meantime, take note of the bullet points above and remember that there are plenty of people out there that want all your personal information and want to spend your money instead of theirs!

Thanks for reading..


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