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monoranjandora 09-24-2010 02:13 AM

Take few precautions while tweeting !!!
These days many Internet users are plunging into social networking websites like Facebook, twitter, orkut to search/meet their old friends or share their photos or messages instantly with many of their friends. But most of the users are unaware of so many security loopholes such as their profiles are vulnerable to data theft or spreading the virus with in the friend circles and account theft issues. I would like to mention few cases later remedy of these cases.

Facebook users' penchant for posting sensitive personal information has made that data vulnerable to identity thieves, according to security experts, even the personal information of those Facebook users who have refused to share their data with strangers. If you do not know a person better do not invite or join them where there is a possibility of acquiring information such as telephone number, a common bit of personal data etc.

If someone sharing some files in the Facebook where u have to redirect to another website and download the files, Most of the users just download the file unknowingly or unintentionally but they do not know they are going to face serious consequences there after.

Examples does not end here there are so many cases in social network websites. So now time to take some precautions.

Better to avoid to mention your phone no/email or any of your personnel details in your profile in the social network websites.

Never mention about your journey or what is your plan in near future It may harm you or your family physically, If you tweet where you will be going next month for holiday or staying You will become victim easily to ill minded persons who wants to hurt you or take advantage of you.

Never download any file to your system to avoid many kind of viruses, Do not go to unknown websites also if some one suggest. Just restrict yourself to see photos, videos and tweets.

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