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benzaloy 04-30-2008 10:49 PM

Spell Checker in Google Tool Bar
After writing in a forum 'Write Box' I clicked the Spell Check in Goole Tool Bar.

A warning box appeared saying: There was a problem connecting to Google Spelling Servers.
Please make sure you are connected to the Internet, or try again later.

At this time, the msn messenger icon in the Tray of Task Bar had a tiny 'red' cross 'x' in it after it said "Your connection is lost. Will connect in so many minutes and so many seconds".
However, the website of Forum was working alright.

Is the msn messenger connection to Internet has anything to do with this problem?

If yes, then, how did the website of forum functioned w/o problem ?

Now, another problem developed here in SysChat.
Though i did not post within the last 30 seconds, I am told I did so and i should try again after so many seconds.
I had this warning yesterday too. But ignored it thinking its some temporary unexplained problem. But it persists.
Please attend to this too.

Thank you.

lurkswithin 05-01-2008 12:57 AM

I would think that you had somehow lost internet connection for a bit...The timing is probably just coincidental.

In the case of lost internet connections....the viewing page has priority on reconnection then the add-on programs will then follow suit and try to reconnect to their home sites...You may not have noticed the initial disconnect as you were viewing the page and regained the connection rather quickly....msn then fought with google to see who could connect first so it took a bit longer for them to connect back.

As to the error of the forum....there is a default anti-spam control that forbids any posting faster than a preset limit of seconds...30 in this case. sometimes it mistakes a lost internet connection or a page refresh as a post error and forbids any more posting till the timer runs out.....I have ran into this myself on many a forum and it must be looked into by the admin to see if the system is working properly!

edit.....there is an exact second posting of this thread.....that is why you got the error message of posting too soon. The lost connection may have triggered the post and then you tried to repost the same message!

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