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IanAuley 02-18-2006 02:05 PM

Sound not working...

My sound has been working fine... but then last night I moved my computer and now I can't get my sound working again... I tried unplugging and plugging it in again... nothing has changed in the software.. no new installs... I'm stumped... any ideas?

Sami 02-19-2006 02:27 AM

Welcome to SysChat Ian,

Which operating system are you using?

Most likely you might have to reinstall your sound card drivers, right-click on My Computer -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Sound card

Check if the device is working properly if not reinstall the drivers, if you have the original cd, if not download it from the manufacturer’s website.

Mikeg 02-19-2006 04:09 AM

It sounds like you did this but double check all your connections again, it's highly unlikley that just moving your PC could cause problems with your Operating system software, it's more likley that something wasen't plugged in as it was in the original location. However reinstalling your sound drivers can't hurt if you follow the procedure outlined by Sami and use the correct sound drivers.

zCon 02-19-2006 04:54 AM

I had a similar problem recently... but I had a souncard that had the plastic part of the input jack was broken... it finally kicked the bucket... good thing I have digital output too!!

IanAuley 02-19-2006 07:16 PM

Thanks everyone, for all your help. I fiddled around with it for a while and figured it out. It wasn't software, from moving the computer I guess the sound card must have been loose to begin with or something, but it was just a bad connection in the PCI slot... PCI... I think that's what it's called, the white slot about 3-4 inces long...

zCon 03-04-2006 05:45 PM

I'm glad to see you got it working again. It really sucks to be without sound! I don't know what I'd do, I need sound for my movies and games, and especially the music!

ChatMod#1 03-04-2006 07:06 PM

Yes, good to hear that another person has been helped by Syschat.:)

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