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Boulesguy 01-21-2009 01:36 PM

Save select programs before a reformat?
Hi all,

Heres the dilemma i have:

I bought a game but cant install it because it requires DirectX 8 or above. I have XP SP2 which comes with v9.0c (if i remember rightly) but when i open DXDIAG it says that my current version is 0.0.

Now i have been trying to find a solution to get directX on my computer for a week or so, i have tried everything bar a reformat. I have now resigned myself to the fact that the only way i can play the game is to reformat and let windows install everything anew.

But i have a few questions:
1. I cant locate my original windows XP setup CD. Is this needed for a reformat?
2. Is it possible to save select software so that i cant easily transfer them back after a reformat?

The reason for number 2 is because i have probably spent over £2K on software in the last 4/5 years; buying programs online and then being emailed a registration key etc... the problem is that i probably only have the CD's/reg keys for about 10% of them in the event i had to install them again. Others are long gone into oblivion with dead emails and deleted files. So is there a way i can transfer select programs over? I dont want to transfer all over, there are some i can live without/dont use anymore.

Thanks for your time.

lurkswithin 01-21-2009 05:24 PM

1) No you do not need the xp cd to reformat...there are third party programs that will allow that....the problem is that you will need the installation CD to re-install the operating long as you have the COA original license from Microsoft then it is acceptable to use a copy of the media to reinstall. It must match the type of license that you have....but there is really noway to tell what you have as to type...only guess work...
A) if you purchased it online it could be OEM, DSP/OEM,or upgrade versions

B)if you got the install from the manufacturer it will more than likely be a slipstreamed (specified drivers and software for your computer) OEM version or just a copy OEM version

C) Corporate allows multiple installations of the same license

D) Retail versions come with operating system manuals and actual Microsoft tech support.

2)This can be accomplished by doing what is known as " The Second Repair Option" where the personal data and programs are saved the operating system is reinstalled over itself...

************************************************** **

When buying from online dealers that download software it is best to burn images of the download for back-up purposes and save them in a safe place.

In some cases you can redownload the software versions that you need and use the same licenses....but this is dependent upon the original manufacturer and how you registered and installed the most cases you will have to start with the original version you purchased and then upgrade to the next systematically
************************************************** **

For the Direct X a search for all previous versions of Direct X and uninstall them first....then try to reinstall the latest versions!

squirrelnmoose 01-22-2009 09:42 AM

If you have a computer from a large manufacturer like Compaq, Dell etc. it may have a restore partition on the hard drive. Some you can restore right from there, no CD required. What's the Mfg. and model?

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