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benzaloy 01-17-2008 04:13 AM

RSS to Html Converter
I downloaded the CaRP cnverter and two other 'free' softwares.
But am unable to unzip them.

My system runs on Pentium II and Windows XP Tiny.

The downloads are from : CaRP : RSS to HTML converter : Free RSS PHP parser script download

Could you please tell me how to unzip them.

Thank you,

squirrelnmoose 01-17-2008 02:48 PM

Do you have 7zip or winzip installed on your system?

benzaloy 01-17-2008 09:48 PM

Unzip downloaded Files
I have PKWare and its ZIP Reader. From your question I inferred I may fair better with 7 zip and downloaded that too.
On the icon for downloaded 7zip Right clicked . . . popup with 'OPEN' bolded came on. Left clicked 'open' and it opened . . . installed it . . . checked and found it in 'Programs' . . . Opened the 7zip program and it showed bolded 'computer'.
Now please tell me how get about unzipping the earlier downloaded software that have icons on my screen.
Thank you very much indeed,
ben aloysius

squirrelnmoose 01-18-2008 01:11 AM

From the file menu, in 7zip, choose open. Browse to the file you want to extract and open it. Then select the file(s), within 7zip and select the extract button, choose the location to extract it to.

benzaloy 01-18-2008 05:10 AM

RSS to Html Converter
I could NOT log in. Sent in a separate report.
This is the reply to your suggestion that I open from File menu of 7 zip program. Thank you for your concern and efforts to help me.

The message:

The 7zip download left an 'exe' icon on screen.
Clicked open and installed 7 zip.
The installation did NOT leave a short cut on screen.
Went to 'Programs' and opened it.
It opened with a window entitled Computer showing 'free space' etc.
Your advise to click open from 'file menu' brings on a popup window
with large red circle and a white 'x' mark in it saying: "Exception Processing Message . . . etc.
This goes away only when clicked thrice on the 'cancel' button.
Here is a copy of the 1st 5 menu items shown in 'Help' of 7 zip.

System Submenu with menu commands from system shell

Open Enter Open current item

Open Inside Ctrl+PgDn Open current item as folder inside 7-Zip

Open Outside Shift+Enter Open current item in new window

Edit F4 Open selected item with editor
The 'help' is the user's guide and it is not helpful at all.

Now what do I do to unzip the files?

Could it be my laptop is unable to process this method of unzipping ?

I am depending n your advise.

Thank you,
ben aloysius

squirrelnmoose 01-19-2008 02:33 AM

You can try locating the file, using windows explorer or maybe it's on your desktop already. Right click on the file you want to unzip, choose 7zip from the menu, then choose extract files or extract here.

That should extract them to your specified location.

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